RFPI’s breakthrough and proprietary iCertainty™ platform medical imaging technologies could provide multiple objective benefits to hospitals and medical facilities, including:
  • Clinical benefits, because better technical decisions may decrease post-procedural complications.
  • Financial benefits, which could result from reduced complications and readmission rates..
  • Data-driven continuous quality improvement, by HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based collection of clinical, imaging and system financial data. For surgeons, objective validation of technical procedural excellence will be automatically available. For hospital systems, institutional-specific reports of clinical and Value outcomes for use with third-party payers will also be available. For patients, aggregation of new procedural technical and physiologic data should enable providers to further improve these procedures and clinical outcomes.
Today, it’s not enough for medical advances to be simply clinically effective. RFPI’s iCertainty™medical imaging technologies are envisioned to deliver to hospitals new information on clinical outcomes and cost benefit improvements, which may increase healthcare Value by improving outcomes and reduce costs.
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