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RFPi is bringing to market a transformational platform technology for non-invasive surgical imaging of intact and diseased tissues. This technology solution delivers dynamic physiology data and analytics to providers in real-time.



Our multi-patented platform solution uniquely combines non-contact, non-invasive, non-ionizing imaging (multispectral) with analytics (laser speckle contrast) to display Blood Flow Distribution (BFD, flow in vessels and perfusion in tissues) to provide more accurate information for better decision-making at the point-of-care.

Hospital Management

Value Proposition

The RFPi technology provides objective new physiologic visualization of blood flow and tissue integrity problems, thus directly identifying the principal cause of most major surgical complications. All stakeholders benefit from more scientific and objective decision-making, leading to better technical results, fewer complications, and improved patient and facility outcomes.

The Uncomfortable Truth – The Problem (Annually)

• 1 out of 10 patients are harmed in the course of their medical care1

• 50% of those injures are preventable1

• 12% of preventable errors results in permanent disability or death1

• 56% of adverse events are due to human error (US)2

• 400,000+ preventable surgical adverse events (US)2

• $29B+ national cost for preventable medical errors (US)3

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