RFPi’s working prototypes have been successfully deployed in >3 years of pre-clinical and clinical studies, and the company is rapidly moving toward full commercialization. The company received regulatory clearance with a Class II 510k clearance from the FDA in December, 2018. RFPi’s imaging technologies are differentiated from existing modalities — such as X-ray, CT and MRI — thanks to speed of real-time analysis, ease of use and safety.
    • Medical device innovations must deliver four key benefits to succeed in today’s marketplace:
      • Clinical benefit — improved patient outcomes
      • Physician / provider benefit — easing, speeding or enhancing the delivery of patient care.
      • Hospital / medical facility benefit — improving the bottom line
      • Third-party payer benefit — lowering the overall cost of care
RFPi’s breakthrough platform promises to deliver significant ROI in all four benefit areas. With two patents to date covering 66 claims providing comprehensive intellectual property protection, RFPi is commercializing proprietary blood-flow imaging devices that we anticipate will:
      • Improve clinical outcomes for patients, lessening discomfort and stress.
      • Benefit surgeons by integrating views of physiologic circumstances during procedures in real time – without procedure disruption or without requiring patient contact.
      • Reduce costs for hospitals by reducing readmission rates for post-surgical complications.
      • Objectively measure outcomes, providing third-party payers with quantifiable performance data.
To learn more about investment opportunities in RFPi, contact Jeff Basham.
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