X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, PET scan — none of these existing imaging devices can provide the surgeon with real-time images and data about blood flow and perfusion without dramatically interrupting the procedure, requiring patient contact, and increasing patient risk.

Now RFPi is commercializing a brand-new imaging device — one that shows the surgeon where and how well blood flows in vascular structures and critical tissues.

The company’s proprietary and patent-protected iCertainty™ platform technology and devices offer non-invasive, cost-effective and real-time imaging of blood flow and tissue perfusion, generated from real-time data capture and instant analyses. The cardiac surgeon mentioned above isn’t the only health-care provider whose patients could benefit from RFPi’s imaging technologies, however. This new “physiologic imaging” is relevant to procedures in all medical disciplines where real-time imaging and analysis of the physiology and pathophysiology of flow and perfusion might impact the technical decisions of the clinician and outcomes of the procedure. RFPi’s technology was invented in 2010 at East Carolina University by a team of cardiovascular medicine, optical physics and engineering experts. Development has included bench-top and experimental studies, and clinical proof-of-concept and validation studies. This team continues to work closely with RFPi to commercialize these paradigm-changing medical imaging applications and devices. To learn more about the technology, contact Jeff Basham.
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