iCertainty™ visualizes blood flow and perfusion… changes decision making which… will ultimately improve outcomes.

RFPi’s patented technology enables the physician to visualize and quantify anatomy and the physiology of blood flow and perfusion in real time. With our imaging technology, the physician can clearly see a change in blood flow to the hand. Our real-time, non-invasive, non-ionizing, minimal-risk technology brings the physiology of blood flow and perfusion to the surgeon and clinician at the time of decision-making. Knowing this physiology could reduce procedural complications and improve outcomes.

Our case studies

Vascular: femoral artery and distal hindlimb ischemia and reperfusion
Foregut and GI Surgery: blood flow after mesenteric flow interruption
Mesenteric Arterial Blood Flow: fidelity of iCertainty™ to quantify mesenteric arterial blood flow


Blood Flow Distribution Imaging with iCertainty™

iCertainty™: A Brief Technology Description – See how a surgeon can visualize blood flow and perfusion in real-time.



If you’d like to learn more about RFPi or our iCertainty™ platform technology and associated devices, please contact Jeff Basham.

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