For physicians and providers working in multiple medical disciplines, RFPi’s proprietary iCertainty™ platform imaging technology could have an important impact. This includes any medical procedure where blood flow and/or perfusion physiology or pathophysiology might affect the provider’s decision-making, or the technical aspects of the procedures. The iCertainty technology is readily adaptable for open and lesser-invasive (scope-based, robotic) surgical approaches. Since iCertainty is all digital imaging data, in addition to real-time analysis, it could provide unique information for decision support, for data exchange at transfers, for direct incorporation into EHRs, and and for overall safety and continuity of care across a broad array of providers and healthcare settings. In addition, the ability of iCertainty to deliver real-time documentation of the adequacy of flow and perfusion following procedures promises to be a novel, imaging-based and quality metric for these procedures. iCertainty has received FDA clearance. Medical applications anticipated to be prime candidates for RFPi's proprietary medical imaging technologies include:
  • Foregut and Gastrointestinal surgeries
  • Vascular Surgeries and Wound Management
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries
  • Transplant Surgeries
  • Burn Therapies
RFPi, inc. is developing partnerships with industry and the military for certain of these clinical and monitoring applications of this platform technology.
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