RFPi, Inc. is commercializing a transformational new medical imaging technology.

  • Better knowledge at the time of surgery
  • Better real-time decisions
  • Improved clinical outcomes

This technology images and immediately analyzes Blood Flow Distribution (BFD, flow in vessels AND perfusion in tissues) in intact and diseased tissues at surgery.

  • BFD data is not available to surgeons because BFD cannot be visualized in the visible light spectrum in current technology
  • RFPi’s iCertainty™ technology is FDA-cleared as a 510(k) Class II device
  • iCertainty™ can be used by all surgical sub-specialists in any procedure where data on BFD would impact on decision-making and/or clinical outcomes

RFPi-ARMUS Cloud Repository

  • New knowledge engine platform
  • Surgeon Web Portal for analysis and postsurgical review
  • Repository allows for ongoing development of machine learning to provide predictive analytics

iCertainty™’s innovations deliver benefits to four key stakeholders for success in today’s marketplace:

  • Patients – Clinical benefit, safer procedures with improved outcomes
  • Physicians — Better decision-making at point-of-care, new knowledge, and predictive analytics for better patient care
  • Provider facilities — Avoidance of unnecessary procedures, better clinical outcomes and quality of care, reduced readmission penalties, all impacting the bottom line
  • Payers — Sustainable reduction in complications, lower cost care paths, better defined accountable surgical care practice
RFPi’s breakthrough platform is poised to deliver significant ROI in all four benefit areas. To learn more about investment opportunities in RFPi, contact Jeff Basham.
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