RFPI’s breakthrough and proprietary iCertainty™ platform medical imaging technologies could provide multiple objective benefits to hospitals, medical facilities and patients, including:
  • Clinical Impact Value: iCertainty as standard of care delivers data that helps surgeons make better technical decisions, reduces errors and complications, and leads to better clinical outcomes.
  • Health care Value: Currently, some common surgeries can yield a 10-20% reoperation and readmission rate due to complications. iCertainty’s technology seeks to reduce complications, readmissions and reoperations.
  • Business Value: With the average repeat surgery costing $26,000, iCertainty can help eliminate avoidable complications and re-hospitalizations, reducing or eliminating Medicare penalties and enhancing opportunities for quality bonus payments.
Today, it’s not enough for medical advances to be simply clinically effective. RFPI’s iCertainty™ medical imaging technologies are envisioned to deliver to hospitals new information on clinical outcomes and cost benefit improvements, which may increase health-care value by improving outcomes and reduce costs.
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